Douglas Falls School 1909 (near Northport) - Gladys Allen, teacher; pupils Earl and Ellen Tucker, Lois Mizmer, Maurice, Jack and Gladys Crawford, and Emery Ricketts. Harold Douglas 4th from left with white hair, 2nd grade (shared by Mary Ellen Long)

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NeWGS is based in Colville, WA, which is located in Stevens County.  At one time Stevens County covered most of the northeast part of our state, including what is now Ferry and Pend Oreille counties.  It was formed in 1863 from Walla Walla County, with Ferry County breaking away in 1899 and Pend Oreille in 1911.  Some early records for those counties are to be found in Stevens county materials, some of which date back to 1861.  If you have ancestors or family in the area, please explore our site. If you need research assistance, check out our Resources page and / or contact our research team.

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The next Northeast Washington Genealogical Society meeting will be March 14th 2018. We meet at 1:00 p.m. in the lower level meeting room of the LDS Church on Juniper St in Colville. Entry is located at the back of the building. The building is located one block east of the South Main Restaurant on Hwy 395.
Most of us have seen the commercial where the guy tests his DNA only to discover his genes don't fit the family history he was given.  The poor guy ends up trading his cherished lederhosen for a kilt!  In this month's program, Norma Yost, NeWGS Vice President, will share how that scenario hit close to home.  She will describe how DNA testing proved her mother's research, revealed family secrets, and smashed a brick wall that stumped descendants for generations.  As she demonstrates the process she uses, it will become clear how DNA was able to uncover the identity of her husband's father, help him connect with a brother he never knew existed, discover missing family lines for her step-father, mother-in-law and sister-in-law, and help reunite an adoptee with a birth mother.
Norma's presentation is intended to help you learn the process of unpacking your own DNA test results.  Many people, she explains, get very excited about taking the test. They drop it in the mail and often wait three months or more for the email anouncing their results are in.  Most will look at their ethnicity report and the first few family matches and stop right there.  For genealogists at all levels of experience, there is so much more to discover!  Norma is quick to point out that DNA doesn't do the work for you.  Instead, she hopes to help you realize the power of DNA when coupled with old fashioned genealogy research.  Don't miss this program if you have not yet tested your DNA or have received test results and don't know what to do with them. 
All visitors are welcome. You do not need to be a member to attend the Northeast Washington Genealogical Society's meetings.

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Another new book by local historian Patrick J. Graham! Colville Collection Book 7: The White Man Cometh...History of Hudson's Bay Fort Colville . Order your copies now!

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"Pioneer Branches" ceases publication

It is with great sadness that we must cease publication of "Pioneer Branches." Should someone come forward in the future to accept the position of Editor, it is possible that you could see it once again. We are also exploring other possibilities for sharing our Stevens County information with researchers. We wish to thank all those who have served as Editor or submitted articles over the past 31 years, making ours an award-winning publication. This has truly been a team effort and one we can be proud of.

Military Monument Project

NeWGS saw the completion of their military monument project on Veterans' Day 2013. Read about the project and the soldiers under Search Now at the left.  There are two parts to the project: the original names are listed under Military Monument, then be sure to check Monument Update for the rest of the stories.

NeWGS Projects

New Item  We have just posted a names index to our quarterly, Pioneer Branches, that covers the period from October 2003 through July 2015. Check it out under Search Now, Pioneer Branches Index. We have also uploaded the older issues (from July 2008 through July 2014) to the Public Download area. The newer issues remain in our secure area under Members.
News Flash! NeWGS has exchanged or subscribed to quarterlies all over the U.S. for many years They are now being housed at the Family History Center in Colviille. Genealogical quarterlies are filled with useful research tips for the area and actual records. Be sure to check out the list in our Library Records database (in the menu on the left) to see if there is something there that could help you in your research. 
New!  Read about the experiences of Lt.Col John McCune while he served as Commander at the 760th Radar Base near Colville in the 1950s
Updated  Check out what has been happening with the Evergreen Cemetery  database (View Cemetery Records). Lora Rose is in the process of adding photographs of headstones as well as detailed information about those buried in Evergreen.
Updated  List of those who died working on the Grand Coulee Dam we believe is now complete. Read about the Grand Coulee Mystery.
Be sure to check out the biographies of our war casualties whose names appear on our military monument in Colville.
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NeWGS now has over 480,000 entries in their various databases!  Let us help you find your Stevens County ancestors. Contact us.

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